Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

TMH Enterprises/Swans Carpet Cleaning is a full-service disaster restoration firm, offering 24 hour emergency assistance.

Oriental rugs are an investment and should therefor be maintained as such. In fact, it is recommended that fine rugs be professionally cleaned at least once per 12-18 months. We at TMH Enterprises would love to help you maintain your investment! To ensure the best possible results, we employ only the most thorough cleaning method available. The first step in this method is to thoroughly inspect each rug for color fastness, existing damage and areas of concern. Second, we remove the dry soils from the rug with the use of high volumes of compressed air. This step is very important seeing as how over 70% of the soiling in a textile surface is made up of dry soils. After thoroughly inspecting and dusting the rug, step three is to actually wash it in our proprietary wash-pit. Step four involves rinsing the newly washed rug with fresh water several times to ensure that all particulate matter has been removed. The fifth step is to quickly dry the rug using state-of-the-art drying equipment. The sixth and final step of the process is to wrap your newly cleaned rug in plastic and deliver it for free to your front door!

“I work for a property management company and clean carpets in every unit at least once a year. TMH has never let me down. They always try to work with my schedule, their technicians are clean and friendly, and the carpets always turn out fantastic.Their response time to an emergency/flood situation was quick and cleanup went smoothly.

I recommend TMH to anyone!”


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