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How We Clean

Pressurized Hot Water Extraction: A carpet cleaning method that uses hot, pressurized water, coupled with immense vacuum to rinse and extract damaging soils.

Hot water extraction is the only carpet cleaning method that will actually clean your carpet, period. “Dry” and “low moisture” cleaning methods might be effective at removing surface soiling, but they simply aren’t capable of actually cleaning or removing bulk soiling from your carpets. Think of it this way: would you ever clean your clothes without thoroughly rinsing them to remove the dirt, soiling and stains caught in the fibers? Carpets and clothes are both textiles and they both need to be cleaned using a process that involves thorough rinsing and removing/extracting of soils. Did you know that your carpets act as filters in your home? Every second of every day, your carpet is filtering the air and constantly collecting everything that is tracked over it. Although not always visible, that constant filtering leads to an enormous buildup of particulate matter and allergens in your carpet that needs to be removed. Not only does your indoor air quality increase following professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning, but the life of your carpet is also increased by removing those dry soils that grind and wear down your carpet fibers. At TMH Enterprises, we pride ourselves on using the most powerful truck-mounted, hot water extraction cleaning systems on the market, coupled with only the most safe and residue free cleaners available. Our goal when we come to your home or business is to actually clean your carpets by removing as much soiling as possible, while still achieving a dry time of only four to six hours. Give us a call today and let us help you take care of your cleaning needs!

TMH does fantastic work without any of the pricing tricks that I have experienced in the past. They cleaned my home for exactly the amount they quoted me. I’ve used their services twice already and will continue using them in the future.


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